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Nappy Bag Essentials

Is everything in your bag now for little people rather than yourself? Welcome to the Nappy bag #parenthood 😉 Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming thinking about what to pack before heading out the door. Too often everything gets flung in, only to find out later when you’ve left the house you’ve forgotten all the essentials. We thought we would post a list of our must-have nappy bag items to hopefully make your life a little easier…

*Nappies- Sounds obvious but OMG the amount of times you forget them is crazy! At least two or three as sometimes one nappy isn’t enough.

*Wipes- Take about a half-filled pack of wipes. A whole packet takes up too much room in your bag and can also make it quite heavy.

*Change mat- You NEVER know when your baby/toddler needs a quick nappy change, and sometimes you literally have to do it on the floor. A padded change mat will be a life saver! Side note- our Spark Of Wild Nappy Bags come with padded change mats in super stylish prints. Made in nylon so you can just wipe clean if there’s any nasty spills. You can even purchase some change mats separately, like our Olivia change mat below.


*Disposable nappy sacks- Sometimes you’re not anywhere near a bin, and you really don’t want a used nappy in amongst the other stuff in your bag. Plus these are great if you've got any soiled/wet clothes.

*Spare clothes- Definitely for babies. A spare onesie in your nappy bag will be a life saver. Also, spare undies if you’ve got a toddler toilet training.

*Bibs- one or two bibs for those dribbly babies.

*Hats- Us Aussie Mums need to be so careful with sun safety especially in summer time.

*Water bottles- for baby and for mum.

*Bottles and formula- if needed.

*Snacks- All the snacks! Especially for those active toddlers. 

*Teething toy- rather than taking out too many toys for bub, take one that’s a teething toy as well.


*Cosmetic bag- perfect for storing suncream, nappy rash cream, bandaids, nail scissors, tissues, hand steriliser etc. Our Isla Nappy Bags, and Willow Backpacks come with matching clutches that fit all these essential things inside.

*Swaddle/muslin wrap- use this as a burp cloth as well. And these are also great for putting over the pram to protect bub from the sun.

*Mum stuff- phone, keys, purse, lip gloss, hip flask? Haha! 😉

A well-stocked nappy bag means hopefully you’re never in a sticky situation when out with your bub. Also, if you can pack most of this the night before- running out the door is a whole lot easier.

Let us know what your essentials are! x


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