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Leather Bag Care

Our gorgeous leather bags are not only stylish but durable as well. We use top grain cowhide leather which means they are super soft and very strong. Unlike synthetic materials, leather lasts a really long time. However to keep your bag looking great, a little TLC every so often really helps. We want you to be able to use your bag for a really long time so please follow the following guidelines...


There are variations in the texture as leather is natural. Over time you may notice creasing and folding of the leather which is all part of the charm of the fabric. Some wear and tear of the leather in vulnerable areas such as the corners, handles and straps are to be expected. If the leather is constantly exposed to harsh sunlight there will be fading. Please store in the Spark of Wild dust bag when not in use. You should also store your bag filled as this will retain its shape (you can fill with old clothes or towels). Please also rest on the floor/shelf when not using to ensure the handles and straps are getting a rest.

Leather can never be entirely waterproof. All of our bags are made with a protective finish to minimise water damage, however its still a good idea to further protect your bag with a waterproof spray. Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully. 

You can spot clean your leather bag with a slightly damp soft cloth if you were to encounter any spills or accidents. The use of leather cleaners and polishes are also recommended but please remember to follow the instructions carefully.

Pebbled Goat Leather:

Our Lenni backpack is made in Bubble/Peppled leather. It's a premium leather that's super soft and very gorgeous. Variations in texture, shade and colour are not to be considered an imperfection. Rather they are natural characteristics that only add to its uniqueness and charm. Some wear and tear in vulnerable areas is to be expected. 


Similar to leather, suede can never be entirely waterproof. Please also use a waterproof spray to protect and minimise any water damage. 


This particular type of leather needs to be treated with love. Some shedding may occur with wear in certain areas- this is a natural characteristic of cowhide. Should your product get wet, please allow to dry at room temperature naturally.

Nylon: Isla Nappy Bag, Willow Backpack, Lenni Backpack all have nylon linings which means if ever there's ever a spill or accident, you can just wipe clean. Easy! All our padded change mats are made of nylon as well so you can just give them a wipe clean. 

Our bags have been designed to carry all the mum/bub items you need on a daily bases. However please remember overloading your bag may result in unnecessary stress on the straps, handles and zips. So please take care not to overload your bag.

Enjoy! xx