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Top 20 Podcasts for Mums in 2020

How many of you Mummas love listening to podcasts at the moment? Perfect for days when you don’t get to chat much to adults, or you just want to listen to something other than baby shark! Maybe you're sick of hearing about coronavirus and want something light and easy to sink your ears into.

There’s so many podcasts out there, so we thought we’d do a roundup of some really good ones. Whether you're already into podcasts or yet to discover them, we hopefully have something new to listen to below.

Let us know what your favorites are in the comments! Xx

Pregnancy, Parenting & Mum stuff

-Australian Birth Stories

 Australian Birth Stories Podcast

If you're a Mumma-to-be then this podcast is a must! Sophie interviews Mums that have given birth and would like to share their stories. The podcast has been designed to help and educate all the first time Mums-to-be, especially if you're feeling scared and nervous. Lots of things can happen in delivery and every birth has a different story. Plus there are lots of influencer and celebrity Mums that you would be familiar with, and possible follow on Instagram. 




-Parental as anything

Parental as anything podcast

Maggie Dent hosts this fantastic podcast for parents, with kids of all ages. Maggie gives really good practical advise on all the challenges us parents face. For example- Three year old tantrums, anxious kids going to school, helping your child make friends. I find this podcast really helpful as Maggie gives great tips of what you can do to help and understand your child. Dads will find this podcast super helpful as well!




-This Glorious Mess

This Glorious Mess

I've been listening to this podcast for years! It started off with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright talking all things messy in parenting life. Now its separated into two different podcasts- Big Kids (with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright), and Little Kids (with Leigh Campbell & Tigga Natoli). It's truly is an entertaining podcast particularly as Andrew gives an honest perspective of Fatherhood which we don't often hear. All the hosts are completely honest with their parenting and share all the messy times which makes it so relatable. 





Penny Johnston hosts this informative podcast for all the Mums-to-be and Mums with Babies. Penny dives into topics you might not have thought too much about when it comes to your bub. Like why is tummy time so important? Or why should we have family rituals? The episodes are only ever around 20-30 mins, so perfect if you've only got a short amount of time. 



-Birth, Baby & Beyond

Birth, Baby and Beyond

If you don't know who Midwife Cath is yet, then you really need to download this podcast! Cath Curtin has over 40 years experience as a Midwife, and has so much knowledge about pregnancy, birthing, and life after birth. Those first six weeks after bub is born is really really tough on new Mums. Midwife Cath has so many helpful tips on feeding, bath times and most importantly sleep. Even though you are listening to her on a podcast it really feels like she is there to help you through those difficult times. Definitely download or share this podcast with a brand new Mumma, particularly if you know she's struggling. 




-Hello Bump

Hello Bump

Rebecca Judd and Monique Bowley host this heartwarming podcast on pregnancy. Each episode is a different month in pregnancy, and looks at all the things you might face at that particular time. Rebecca Judd has so many great stories about all her pregnancies and how different they were, particularly with twins! 



-Year one

Year One

Christie Hayes and Holly Wainwright look at the first year of your babies life. If you are currently thinking 'how am I going to do this' than this is the podcast for you! Honest, practical and hilarious, these ladies don't hold back as to what life is actually like after bubs arrival. Year One podcast is month by month episodes of your babies life, so just 12 episodes in total. 




Ladies in business

-How two live

How two live

The Dadon twins (who you might be familiar with from Instagram) have a really great podcast discussing all things business. They always have interesting guests on the show who will leave you feeling motivated and inspired. 



-Ideas girl

Ideas girl podcast

The lovely ladies at Spell chat with all different guests about business, sustainability, influencer culture, branding, and more! There's only a few episodes so far, but all are very interesting and inspiring. 


-We heard what?!

we heard what podcast

Danielle from @weworewhat (on Instagram) chats with some AMAZING guests on all things business, fashion and influencing. There's episodes for almost everyone on this podcast so definitely check it out.


-Your creative start

your creative start podcast

Jaharn Giles hosts this fantastic podcast for all you ladies in business. Her guests give a real behind the scenes look into their brands and give some incredible business tips. There are some practical tips in all the podcasts that you will definitely use for your own business.



-Lady start up

Lady startup podcast

Hosted by the knowledgeable and very entertaining Rachel Corbett, this podcast is a series of interviews with Women in business who have really succeeded in their chosen areas. Each person interviewed has decades of experience and have really interesting stories to tell about their brands. They discuss how they've managed to succeed over the years and what sets their business apart from others. 





Pop culture

Ok so this section isn't necessarily for Mums, its just some super entertaining listens that you will love! Enjoy...

-Just the gist

Just the Gist Podcast

Rosie Waterland and friends discuss 'the gist' on any topic that people are talking about. This podcast is so funny and entertaining, and will literally have you laughing out loud. So you'll probably look like a bit of a weirdo laughing to yourself on your daily walk! 



-Show and tell’s podcast

Show and tell the podcast

The lovely ladies from Show and tell discuss pretty much everything! So many relatable funny stories that will keep you coming back for more every week.




Shameless podcast

'The pop culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff' pretty much sums it up! Both entertaining and informative, its a podcast that gets you thinking about certain global trends and in a different way. Each episode is almost an hour so perfect if you're heading out on a long walk.



-Everyone has an ex

Everyone has an ex podcast

Narrated by Georgia love (from the bachelorette) this doco-style series dives into different stories of past relationships and where they all went wrong. There have been some truly incredible stories so far! Its only new so there are currently new episodes dropping every week. Its a must to have in your podcast library!! 




-Inside the Big Day Out

inside the big day out podcast

If you're currently in your 20's chances are you never got to experience the Big Day Out. It was the worlds biggest music festival at one point, and what every musician aspired to play at. And what felt like every Australian music fan went to every January. Take a trip down memory lane with this podcast as they talk about the rise and fall of the epic music festival that was part of Australian music history.




-The Dropout

the dropout podcast

An unbelievable story about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her company- Theranos. Without going into too much detail Elizabeth was at one point the worlds youngest self made female billionaire, but then lost it all. Its truly an interesting listen especially if you like true crime.


-Who the hell is Hamish

who the hell is hamish podcast

A ten part series into the life of con-man Hamish McLaren. For decades he duped millions of dollars from victims including his girlfriends, wife, friends, business partners. It looks at how he got away with it for so long, and what eventually happens to him.



-Dirty John

dirty john podcast

Similar to 'Who the hell is Hamish' this podcast looks into the life of con-man John Meehan and the destructive life he led. Debra Newell becomes one of his victims and tells her story of how he came into her life and ultimately how it all ends. 



Hope there's a few podcasts in here that interest you! xx

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