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Top 10 Stylish Mama Muses

Are you finding yourself dressing in the same old daggy shorts and tee, day in and day out? Being a Mum can really take a toll on the way we dress somedays, which is totally fine because those little people really need us- alllll day errrry day! There isn't even a minute some days to think about something stylish to wear. But sometimes its nice to dress up and feel good :) I know the feeling of not knowing how to style your bump, or just what to wear in Mum-life. So here's a list of our top Ten Mama Muses that have gorgeous style. These ladies might just give you a bit of inspo on what to wear to that next playdate, or bbq with friends. So today instead of reaching for the usual activewear, check out these mamas and get some styling inspo...

Lainy Hedaya-Hoffstein (@lainyhedaya)

All you Mummas to be, this fashion Mama has some gorgeous images styling her bump. If you’ve got a wedding, or somewhere nice to go to during pregnancy check this mummy out for some styling inspo.

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 1


Geri Hirsch (@gerihirsch)

Geri is all things fashion and beauty in Motherhood. This Mumma has the best bump style!! I wish I had looked this cool when I was pregnant. This Mummy is a must to follow.

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 2


Mollie Rose (@themollierose)

One of our favourite mummas here at Spark of Wild! This Mumma has some seriously cool style. And she’s just given birth to the cutest little baby girl, Bambie. She even gets her own instragram page, @bambierose_

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 3


Carina Koeberl (@carina_koeberl)

If you're looking for laid back/effortlessly cool- then Carina is your gal to follow. Ripped denim jeans and a band tee, or Midi dress with a biker jacket vibes. Mum life never looked so cool!

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 6


Sara Crampton (@harperandharley)

Owner and Buyer at the Undone store, queen of minimalism this Mum to be has some great simple bump style options to get a little inspo for. Can’t wait to see how she will style herself in Mum-life after bub is born!

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 5


Torie Bliss (@torie.bliss)

I feel like every image this new Mummy posts on her Instagram feed, I fall in love with! This boho/groovy/rock chick Mama makes me want to get rid of everything in my wardrobe and copy hers. I could easily see our Tan Willow backpack with some of these looks.

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 4


Ines (@inesstagram)

Ines has some really pretty looks if you love the more feminine styling. Lots of soft flowing dresses styled over her bump that could be perfect inspo if you’ve got a wedding to go to, or just somewhere nice like out to dinner on a date night.

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 7


Carissa Alvarado (@carissaalvarado)

Total cool Mum vibes here ladies! Carissa has some seriously awesome style, especially her bump pics. And she really knows how to accessorize as well. 

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 8


Jacey Duprie (@jaceyduprie)

Mixing high end with low end, new Mummy Jacey has looks for any outing. If you need inspo on casual day to day looks up to special occasion, then go no further.

Stylish leather nappy bag mama muse 9


Jess Kent (@jesskent_91

Another one of our favourite Mummas here at Spark of Wild! Jess is both beautiful inside and out, and has serious style goals. She mixes casual with designer really well. Think a flouncy Nice Martin skirt with a simple black tee, LOVE! She also has some really nice easy outfits for day to day Mum life that isn't just activewear. Jess is a must to follow :)



Would love to know who your Mama Muses are! Let us know in the comments below :)

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