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Hospital Bag Checklist

Congrats Mumma, not long to go now! Bet it's time to get that hospital bag sorted. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed, but don't worry we've all been there. Not only is it exciting thinking about your bub being born, but I'm sure it's daunting at times. If you're finding yourself thinking 'what do I pack for the hospital?' then here's a checklist of things you might like to take. Hopefully it makes life a little easier for you.

Let’s start with Mumma...

*PADS! This is probably one of the most important things. Take a few packs! Even C-section mums will need them as well.

*Large black knickers - go a size up, and you could even buy some mens ones. #glamourous

*Breast pads

*Nipple cream

*Extra comfortable clothing & pyjamas - maternity nighties are great. Also, loose sweatpants with a nursing singlet is a great option. Whatever you take make sure it's soft and stretchy.

*Robe with long sleeves - you never know how cold the room might be, and a robe lets you breastfeed.

*Maternity bras


*Ear plugs & eye mask - ear plugs are great for drowning out all the hospital noise (don't worry, you'll still be able to hear bub).

*Nursing pillow - if you plan on breastfeeding.

*Snacks - all the snacks! You'll need it, especially after birth. If you're going public, the hospital food might be a little average, so you never know when you're going to be starving. Pack some drinks as well.

*Toiletries - shampoo & conditioner (travel size ones are perfect), toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair tie, hairbrush, lip balm, nice smelling body wash - something that will make you feel at home. In years to come the smell will always remind you of this special time. A nice moisturiser to go with would be perfect as well.

*Spray bottle - so hubby can cool you down when needed (probably not necessary for C-section birth).

*Phone and phone charger

*Camera - make sure it's charged, and hubby knows how to use.

*Magazine/book - if you're going in to be induced or a booked C-section, there can be lots of waiting around. Having something to read can be a good way to relax.


For Bub...

*Nappies - depending on the hospital you may or may not need (check with the midwives in one of your appointments before your due date).

*Wipes - One pack should be plenty. Some bubs are a bit sensitive to wipes, so they may need some cotton balls and sterile water.

*Clothes for bub - singlets and onesies (with a zip). Take about 4x of each. Some hospitals recommend you take about 8, but I found this was way too much. You can always get family members to bring in extra clothing if needed.

*Muslin wraps - to wrap that baby up tight like a burrito!

*Change mat - just in case you need to change bub on your bed. A padded change mat is a must. You don't want any leaks on your bed if you can help it.

*Milestone cards/board with bubs name etc - for those first pics.
*If you have a toddler, a gift from bub is a great idea.


And don't worry if you leave out anything. You'll no doubt have lots of family and friends that can bring something to the hospital if needed.

Good luck mumma! You got this xx


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