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Best baby shower gifts as voted by you!

Ok so if you’re reading this, you might either be looking for an awesome baby shower gift, or perhaps you might be putting together a registry list for family and friends to choose from for your very own baby shower.

Every first-time parent is usually showered with the most AMAZING gifts for their first born. So, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list as decided by our lovely social media followers. That way you or the loved one you’re buying for, won’t get stuck with a million fluffy toys and 800 baby outfits that look oh so cute but unfortunately never get worn. So, here’s what everyone thinks are the best gifts to receive...

*First aid kit (surprisingly this was the no. 1 top answer)- Including a baby nail clipper, thermometer, bath thermometer, baby Panadol, nipple cream, nappy rash cream, snot sucker (sounds gross but it’s a life saver). You could even put all these into our Mia Clutch as an awesome gift, that’s stylish and as well as practical. The Mia clutch also makes an awesome nappy clutch to pop into your bag/car/pram later on.

*Nappies and wipes- You can NEVER have too many of these! And perhaps don’t buy newborn size as they will most likely only be in this size for a couple of weeks. Buy the bigger sizes and Mum/Dad can pull them out at a later time.

*Spew rags/cloths- For all those burps and spills. Yes, this is your new life now 😉 #glam

*Breastfeeding pillow & Breastfeeding kit- Those gel pads are just amazing! And lets face it, its alllll about the boobs in the beginning.

*Breast pump

*Anti-colic liquid- So many of you swear by this! And giving permission to a new Mum that it's ok to give a few drops of something other than breastmilk (and hallelujah if it works) is one of the best gifts you can give to a new Mum who is really struggling with a colicky baby.

*Baby monitor

*High waisted undies- Imagine opening these at your baby shower! #sexytime 😉 Hopefully Grandpa isn’t there to see, haha! But seriously, Mums swear by these. Especially if you’ve had an unplanned C-section, regular undies are way too uncomfortable to wear. As the wound is pretty much where your undies usually sit. High waisted undies are a life saver.

*Onesies with the zips- Buying for 6 months + is a great idea as so many people buy the newborn size which bubs grow out of quickly.

*Love to dream swaddle- Personally my kids never liked these but so many of you swear by these swaddles. They zip bub in nice and tight, so you don’t have to worry about swaddling up yourself. Easy!

*Muslin Wraps- You can never have enough of these and they have so many uses which is great. From wrapping up baby like a burrito, to using as a cover on your pram from the sun, and even lying baby on when you are catching up for a playdate with friends. My personal favourites are from Kip and Co, they have the most amazing prints and are made of bamboo which is soooo soft.

*Cot sheets- There are so many beautiful ones around in gorgeous prints. I would personally not bother with bassinet sheets, as you can just use a muslin wrap over the mattress instead.

*White noise machine- Babies really love these machines, and you will try almost anything in those first few months to get baby to sleep. Apparently, there is something called a shusher that literally says ‘ssssshhhh’ constantly. How amazing!

*Sentimental gifts- Like blankets knitted by nana or a beautiful piggy bank. These gifts always hold the most special memories and are often kept within the family for generations to come.

*Books for bub- Even better buy a book instead of a card and write your message to baby inside so they can look back on when they’re older.

*Nice picnic blanket or playmat- A lot of you loved receiving these 😊 Probably because it's so necessary in the beginning of Mum/Dad life when you’re always having little picnics and playdates at the park.

*On the go change pack- These are so handy! Our Gracie nappy change clutch is a perfect portable change station. You can even keep in the boot of your car stocked up with all the essentials for when you find yourself in a nappy changing emergency.

*Spark of Wild Nappy Bag! 😉 What new mum wouldn’t want one of our gorgeous bags! And so many of you said opening one at your baby shower was really special. You could even fill up the bag with some of the practical items listed so far.

Spark of Wild Isla Nappy Bag Black

*Newborn photo package- How cute is it looking back at those early baby photos. Professional photos would be lovely.

*Pampering gifts for Mum- Like a voucher to get nails done, a pregnancy massage, or even a voucher for a cleaner to come in the early newborn days. Even a nice pamper gift basket with lovely smelling creams, lip balm, comfy pjs and chocolate is seriously the best thing mums needs in those early days.

*Meal vouchers/Uber eats gift card- Or even dropping around some pre-made meals like a lasagna is one of the most welcomed things you can do for new parents.

From everyone's answers it was pretty clear that looking back, the practical gifts were definitely the most appreciated and loved. So, don’t be afraid to fill up those gifts with the ‘not so exciting’ things as Mums and Dads will really thank you for it.

Let me know what your favourite baby shower gift was in the comments below…

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