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A chat with Jessie from Borne Too on Business + Motherhood and everything in between

The talented Jessie from Borne Too has created some gorgeous artworks for us which we just LOVE! We wanted to find out more about Jessie, so check out this interview talking all things motherhood + business and everything else in between... 

Where did the idea of Borne Too come from?

Borne Too was originally borne (ha!) from my need for breastfeeding clothing that made me feel like me. Fast forward a few years and I’ve since stopped producing clothing and Borne Too has evolved into illustrations and design work, which is something I’ve always really loved. I realised that I am super passionate about women being true to themselves in motherhood and prioritising themselves in that messy, transitional time when everything becomes about the baby. The clothing just wasn’t the vehicle I wanted to use to promote my message anymore and I’m loving this creative journey I’m on now, with Borne Too.

Lily leopard clutch illustration borne too

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the kind of life I will look back on one day. Working as a nurse, I have a lot of experience with end-of-life care and to see people at such a vulnerable and reflective time, has made me realise how I just never want to live with regrets. I want to say I gave everything a crack in life and I don’t want to die wondering. That always inspires me to keep going, try new things and if it doesn’t work out, that’s cool, at least I’ll know I gave it a shot. Also, the amazing women I’ve been so privileged to meet along this business path. I’m so lucky to call so many of them my friends now and they are always inspiring me to reach further than I would have done on my own.

Thoughts on work/life balance? How do you make it all work, and have you got any tips for other mums?

I believe that perfect balance is elusive and hard to achieve, all of the time.
Emma Isaacs (founder of Business Chicks and mum of 5) has a great analogy that describes balance in life like the burners on a stovetop. Each one being the main priorities – career, relationship, kids, self-care etc. Sometimes they are all roaring, sometimes one is on full bore and the others are off. It’s so hard to have balance across them all, all the time. Something that has worked for me is acceptance of the flow of life. I don’t try to strive for perfection in how I run things because life continues to show me that it’s pretty damn hard to have it all running smoothly. Some days I get a lot ticked off my to-do list, other days I watch the Notebook on Netflix for the thousandth time. And that’s totally okay.

How do you tackle the really hard days of motherhood?

Sometimes head on, sometimes not. My kids are currently sick with gastro and I’ve taken the time to smash out some projects that I’ve been meaning to start.
Other times though I have a pity party and cry, feel impatient and frustrated as I fill the washing machine for the tenth time in a day. I guess it all comes back to acceptance. Knowing that there’s going to be shit days and there’s going to be great days. You can’t have one without the other.

What has surprised you most about Motherhood?

I never expected how much Motherhood would be the catalyst for my own growth. There’s so much focus on the birth of a baby and I was completely surprised by how I was born, too as a new mum (this was the whole concept behind Borne Too as a name). I love the person I am and love that I continue to evolve and change and I really believe having kids was beginning of that journey, for me.

I’ve noticed on your website that you’ll be launching a Podcast soon. How exciting! Can you say what types of things you’ll be discussing?

Yes! I’m slowly getting there. The episodes will be a mixture of interviews and solo episodes exploring the real stories of life as a woman and mother. It will cover a bit of everything but the main thing is that it won’t be perfect.
The stories are going to be unfiltered and honest to encourage other women to see that they are never alone in motherhood. We truly are all in this together and it’s way more fun that way.


Follow Jessie on Insta, @bornetoo. If you want to read more from Jessie about all things Motherhood, check out Borne Too; https://bornetoo.com.au/blog/

Or if you're interested in one of her beautiful illustrations send her an email; https://bornetoo.com.au/contact-us/  

Leather backpack Spark of Wild Lenni illustration

(Collage by Jessie- using our gorgeous Leather Nappy Backpack- Lenni Backpack)

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  • Thanks so much for having me, I loved answering these questions and even more so, drawing your beautiful products!

    Jessie Parker

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