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Boss Mumma : meet Mollie Rose

If you aren’t following mega Mum babe Mollie Rose on the ‘gram’, you need to asap. This chick has some serious style! She’s also a singer-songwriter-DJ, and the founder/creator of new baby clothing brand 'Bambie the label' named after her gorgeous daughter. We chat with her about all things Motherhood and how she manages to balance it all.


*Even though this year has kinda sucked balls so far, you got engaged before all this coronavirus stuff hit. Congrats! Have you thought much about the wedding yet? How do you envisage your wedding to be?

Gosh hasn’t this year been so so weird!! Yesss I got engaged, I still can’t believe I proposed to Brok! He is still deciding on what ring he wants to get me (hurry up hunny ;) Kidding he is my absolute rock, I don’t know what I’d do without him. But we have both dreamt of a Euro wedding and Venice was the top of our list!! We can only keep our fingers crossed at this stage with all the Covid situation.

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*A lot of people would know you as a singer/song writer/DJ... however you're about to launch your new Baby/Toddler clothing brand! How exciting, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, gosh I’m beyond excited to launch Bambie the label. Fashion has also been a passion of mine for years. With being a new mum I thought gosh why not whip the sewing machine out and create something I love, and hopefully everyone else will too. I personally feel like there isn’t enough unisex Baby-Toddler brands out there that are quirky & different. At this stage I can’t give too much away but July will be here soon enough. A lot of people may also not know I was a full time model from a young age and was modelled overseas in multiple countries. I also lived/worked in London (before Instagram really started blowing up) so being around the industry for so long I have always wanted to start something of my own. Now just felt like the perfect time.

 Mollie rose chats about new baby brand

*You’ve shared on your Instagram that you’re struggling with some health issues at the moment. So sorry to hear this. Do you have any tips for other Mummas that are struggling with health issues and trying to look after a Baby as well?

It’s definitely a struggle being a new Mum with ongoing health issues. My biggest tip is to talk to the ones closest to you! Your family and friends are what get you through in the end. As a new Mum I forget it’s okay to ask for help, it honestly takes a village to raise a bub!! Another little tip I find helpful is writing down 5 things I’m grateful for every morning to put me in a good mindset to start the day, no matter how much pain I may be in. We got this Mummas & Dads!! We are all in the together.

Spark of Wild chats with Mollie Rose


*What has surprised you most about becoming a Mum?

Honestly it’s the unconditional love, watching your little one grow, and watching their personality come to life. I think what surprised me the most was how much love you have for your kids. It’s the absolute craziest/strongest kind!

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*How do you hope your daughter Bambie sees you in years to come?

I hope I’m someone Bambs can look up to as she’s growing up. I just want her to see a strong, happy & healthy Mumma. I also hope she see’s that being yourself is the only and best way to be! That’s all that matters to me.


Finish these sentences…

Three things I can’t live without- Family, chai lattes & the Ocean.
Being a Mum is- Absolutely bonkers but so fulfilling.
I wish I could-  Be 100% healthy again, I’ll get there though!!

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You can find Mollie here...



And make sure you're following her new Baby/toddler clothing brand...



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